Raw Seamoss



Origin: Grenada
Quality : Organic, Wildcrafted. Direct from farmer.
Strand : Euchema Cottonii.

There’s a lot of ‘poolgrown’ and ‘farmed’ seamoss out there – which means that cuts of original seamoss are taken and grown in unnatural environments. While some believe this is good for the environment because we are not taking the produce from the sea, it does mean that the nutritional value of the seamoss is significantly altered. With regards to the sustainability of Seamoss : firstly it grows like wildfire once it has been cut and will continue to regenerate at rapid rates. There will be areas of the sea that contain seamoss that we haven’t even discovered yet. Lastly, the governing bodies in the countries of original have gone to extreme lengths to regulate and protect the farmers and their produce to ensure we can continue to access seamoss throughout the world

Seamoss Dessert Recipes:

25g £6 (£24/100g)
50g £10 (£20/100g)
100g £17 (£17/100g)
250g £35 ( £14/100g)
500g £60 (£12/100g)
1kg £95 (£9.5/100g)

For orders over 1kg – please email : wholesale@mamamoss.com

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