Mama Moss was founded after Summer 2020, during the second lockdown.

The concept was born in Manchester, UK founded by Neenagh Campbell.

Initially, we specialised in Seamoss Gel and The Seamoss Face Mask. We now supply a range of health goods including herbs, nuts and teas alongside our vegan skincare range to customers across the world.

The business started on social media, requiring customers to simply direct message to make an order. However, once orders increased, we moved onto Etsy (Etsy is a platform for homemade items.)

At this point, a website started to make more sense. So, with a little help from Santander who awarded the business a start-up fund, we were able to invest in a website and hire two members of staff to ensure demand was met. Erin and Matthew both had little work experience and joined Mama Moss in the very early days so have learnt about the business as it grows and have been a great addition to the Mama Moss team.

We still deliver locally to members of the Greater Manchester communities on days throughout the week. We have a passion for offering alternative health options and educating people as to how to get the most benefit from their lifestyle by making subtle, mindful changes.

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About Our Seamoss

There’s a lot of ‘poolgrown’ and ‘farmed’ seamoss out there – which means that cuts of original seamoss are taken and grown in unnatural environments. While some believe this is good for the environment because we are not taking the produce from the sea, it does mean that the nutritional value of the seamoss is significantly altered.

With regards to the sustainability of Seamoss : firstly it grows like wildfire once it has been cut and will continue to regenerate at rapid rates. There will be areas of the sea that contain seamoss that we haven’t even discovered yet. Lastly, the governing bodies in the countries of original have gone to extreme lengths to regulate and protect the farmers and their produce to ensure we can continue to access seamoss throughout the world.

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