The Hydrated Nut | Why Soaking Nuts is the Way Forward

by | Apr 14, 2021


What are hydrated nuts?

Hydrated nuts are purified by being left to soak in water for some time, the nuts have become hydrated once they have plumped and softened. The soaking water will also turn brown and must be discarded.

The simple process of nut hydration is a health hack gem that everybody needs to know! Hydrated nuts come with important benefits that many nut-eaters may still not aware of.



Hydrated Nut Benefits

  • Hydration of the nut removes toxins

(Are raw nuts toxic?)

Raw nuts contain enzyme inhibitors, and these, are toxic for the human body. The level at which it affects people will depend on their tolerance, the type of nut and consumption levels. Hydrating your nuts will give you guilt-free, safe and healthy snacks at the pop or a jar.

It will be clear to see why the purification process of nut hydration is important by observing the colour of the water once toxins and debris have been removed during nut rehydration.

It is questionable whether all the nut allergies in the world are down to nut properties themselves or properties of the waste material that can be so easily removed.

  • Increases NRVs nutritional value in the diet.

Due to increased enzyme activity, the softened nuts become easier to digest. The absorption of nutrients by the body becomes greater during soaking as the water absorbs natural inhibitors and toxins from the nuts, allowing beneficial properties of the nut to be reserved and absorbed for nutrition by the body.

Also, during hydration, will begin their sprouting process. The nutrient profile of nuts and seeds significantly increases during hydration process because this is when their spouting process begins.

Tip: Remove sheels before soaking!

Nuts without skins (Brazil, macadamias, cashews etc..)  don’t leave as much murky water residue that nuts in skin do however hydration is still recommended for both ease and nutritional values.

  • Enhance flavour

The nuts absorb water and get increasingly softer and more plump. This brings out the natural flavours that are more subtle in unsoaked nuts. The flavour will be enhanced  has more creamy or buttery properties.

Warning: Discard of hydration water

(hint: it is always a good idea to soak your nuts and seeds in a larger container to give them plenty of space for expansion).

  • Enrich texture

The texture of the nuts will soften and be easier to chew, making it all about the delicious flavour!

  • Easy Food Prep

Hydrated nuts are softer and are easier to use in dishes. The are more easily ground or blended. Good, healthy fats found in nuts promote them as a dairy substitute.

Pssst…Are you Nuts about Cheese?…Why not try this beautiful recipe for Vegan Alfredo sauce made with hydrated cashews or browse our homemade cheese substitution recipes.



Tip: Longer hydration times for harder nuts.

For a guide on various times for each nut, check our Nut & Seed Hydration Guide.

Soak the nuts or seeds in spring, distilled or antioxidizing kangen water at room temperature and cover for required hydration time.

Strain and rinse to remove residual water (containing the absorbed enzyme inhibitors and toxic substances.)

After rinsing, either serve immediately or store them in your refrigerator for later.  When storing, place them on top of a damp paper towel in an air tight container. They will last for approximately one week. Once you experience hydrated nuts (especially almonds and walnuts) you should want to have your fridge stocked up with different nut & seed treats to last you the week!

Tip: Rinse every other day to avoid spoiling.

Always keep an eye on soaked nuts to make sure they are still fresh and edible.

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